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Switzerland 2020

Children are intelligent readers and Germano and I approach our stories in all their forms. The youth book is an open space of great creative freedom that allows all inventions and all pleasures. It’s a game, a dialogue. We invent stories together.

Albertine was born in Dardagny, near Geneva. She studied at the École des arts décoratifs and the École supérieure d’art visual in Geneva. She married writer Germano Zullo in 1996, and their relationship soon developed into one of great artistic affinity. Their first common works were published the same year and soon their children’s books were receiving awards, including a BIB Golden Apple in 1999, and the New York Times Best Illustrated Book in 2012.

Her drawings are lively and full of humour. Her natural spontaneity appears throughout her works, with a sense of detail and precision. She has exhibited her drawings, screen prints, lithographic works and wood engravings in Geneva, Paris, Rome, Valencia and Tokyo. Among her most important books for children are: La rumeur de Venise (The Venice rumour, 2009), which was selected for the 2010 IBBY Honour List; Les Oiseaux (Little bird, 2011); Les Gratte-Ciel (Sky high, 2011); and Ligne 135 (Line 135, 2012). Her book, Mon tout petit (My little one, 2015) was selected for the 2016 IBBY Honour List, won the 2016 International Bologna Ragazzi Award and was selected for the Green Island Award at the Nami Island Concours in 2017.

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