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Květa Pacovská

Czech Republic 1992

A drawing is such as it is. It should not and cannot pretend. It expresses our feelings and our thoughts. It is like music. Each individual tone is beautiful by itself and in certain groupings we create new dimensions, harmony, disharmony.

Květa Pacovská was born in Prague. She studied at the Prague School of Applied Art under Professor Emil Filla – a significant representative of Czech modernism who introduced his students to the European avant-garde movement. Although her books are mainly for children, their originality, poetic atmosphere and imagination turns them into works of art. Her illustrations for the Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandberg, for which she won the Grand Prix at the first Biennale of Bratislava in 1965, were a significant turning point in her artistic development.

Her concepts reflected the spirit of the 1960s and the beginnings of the pop-art movement. Her bright creativity and original ideas have influenced generations of illustrators and book designers: she became a magician of modern art. Her books have a dynamic quality and reveal her joy in telling stories involving fabulous creations from her imagination. Children enjoy interacting with her forms, colours, spaces and lines. She has illustrated many fairy tales by Andersen and Grimm, and brings motifs back time and time again, such as windows, eyes, cats, pencils, clowns and many more.

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