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Roger Mello

Brazil 2014 • SOLD OUT

Narrative images in books can make a change, and they actually do, and we can see what happens to many successful initiatives when we travel around Brazil. Books encourage tolerance by accepting the difference without preconceived ideas or hate, without judging, and through the dialogue with the other.

Roger Mello was born in Brasília. As a child he paid attention to life, in particular nature in all its forms: human, animal or plants and retains this curiosity today. Working as an illustrator, writer and playwright, he has illustrated more than one hundred titles, many of them as the author as well as illustrator.

Mello’s illustrations provide avenues to explore the history and culture of Brazil. He never underestimates a child’s ability to recognize and decode cultural phenomena and images. His illustrations allow children to be guided through stories by their imagination. Travel and discovery are important aspects of Mello’s artistic expression and the rich content of his illustrations reflect his passion for folklore and for exploration of the world. He shares his interests in Brazilian and international culture and ritual with his readers, through illustrations that are innovative and inclusive. Mello incorporate images that promote tolerance and respect for the world’s cultures and traditions. His use of colour in this ritual and his symbolism give his books a ceremonial air that brings these different elements together.

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Limited editions of fifty copies
50x180cm (19.7”x 70.9”)
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